Who We Are

The staff at the Center for Global Communication+Design is composed of graduate teaching assistants and undergraduate mentors who enjoy reading and responding to writing, oral presentations, and visual or multimodal projects from all disciplines! All of the mentors and teaching assistants who work at the Comm+D have significant experience in composing and responding to many types of either written or visual work. All undergraduate mentors have also excelled in a 4-credit course, Writing and Response, that has prepared them to read and respond to a wide range of texts.

Director:  Patricia Search
Department of Communication and Media
Email:  searcp@rpi.edu

Lead Faculty:  Barbara Lewis
Department of Communication and Media
Email:  lewisb2@rpi.edu
Dr. Barbara Lewis, ’99, is Faculty Lead for the Center for Global Communication+Design. She truly enjoys reading and talking about all kinds of communication projects with writers and has been working in writing and speaking centers for a very long time. She was actually a consultant in RPI’s Writing Center back when she was working on her degree here as a graduate student. She lives in Scotia, NY with her husband and daughter, two dogs, four pet rats, and a corn snake named Seymour.

Language and Culture Support and Outreach: Brea Barthel
Brea provides Language and Culture Support to RPI students. She has been long-cherished as a member of the Advising & Learning Assistance Center (ALAC) and is now part of the Center for Global Communication+Design, where she will help us help you with writing and visual projects of all kinds. Brea uses her passions for language, intercultural cooperation, technical communication, and teaching to help Rensselaer’s undergraduate and graduate students make a successful transition to American culture and the English language.

Class Outreach: Weina Ran
Weina’s research interests include the effects of media multitasking, health communication, and persuasion. Weina has extensive teaching experience in strategic communications, business/professional communications, and advanced research methods in communication. Weina received her Ph.D. in Communication from The Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University.

SAPRIS Lead Faculty: Helen Zhou
Helen is an Assistant Professor of Chinese language and academic English communication. Some of her scholarly work in second language acquisition and applied linguistics explore the cultural beliefs of second language writing, non-native English speaking students’ learning experience as EFL learners and ESL users/learners, as well as institutional internationalization.



Visit Us

The Comm+D is located on the lower level of the Folsom Library, next door to the ALAC tutoring space.

Folsom Library--Lower Level
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180

Hours of Operation

Summer Hours
Mon.-Thurs.: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please view our scheduling system for the most accurate hours—we are usually around more often than this and also host special events!

Schedule an Appointment

1. Click on the "LIMIT TO" drop-down menu at the top of the schedule. Choose the kind of appointment you need. GRADUATE STUDENTS, be sure to choose a “GRADUATE” appointment

2. Click on the open appointment you want (a WHITE space), which will bring you to a short form.

3. CAN’T FIND AN APPOINTMENT? Next to each weekday name, there is a small white CLOCK SYMBOL. Click on the clock to enter your name on the WAITING LIST for that day.

4. Set the TIME for the appointment: choose 30 minutes or make two back-to-back appointments for 1 hour. Make 1-hour appointments for Online or E-Tutoring.

5. Tell us about what you’re working on by filling out the form that opens in the scheduler and submit it. You’ll get a reminder email to confirm your appointment.