Welcome to the resources page! Click on a link to utilize the resources the Comm+D has available. The following downloadable PDFs offer detailed information about general topics we often discuss in tutoring conferences. For specialized advice or help understanding these resources or their topics, please make an appointment with a TA or mentor in the Comm+D—we would love to chat in person!

Citing Sources
Purdue OWL APA Guide
Purdue OWL MLA Guide
Purdue OWL Chicago Style Guide
University of Pittsburgh IEEE Style Guide

Writing Tips by Project Type
Cover Letters
Critical Analysis Essays
Graduate Essays
Lab Reports

Topics: Articles (a/an/the)
Articles: Can You Count It?
Articles: Choosing Appropriately
Articles: Is It Definite?
Articles: Which One Do I Use?
Articles Worksheet
Which Article Do I Use? Flowchart

Topics: Clarity
Lesson 1: What is Clarity Anyway?
Lesson 2: Revising for Clarity
Lesson 3: Active and Passive Voice

Guidelines for Specific Rensselaer Courses
ECSE Proposals
ECSE Progress Report
ECSE Final Report
LITEC Lab Hints
Electrical Lab Report
Software Design and Documentation

Multilingual Students
Intercultural Communication
Self Study for ELL Students

Other Info
Dialectical Note-taking
Gender Fair Language
Revising Prose
Thesis Sentences (Revisions needed)
Web Design Resources

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Visual Design Resources

Visual Design Resources PDF

Visual Design Resources Poster Notes PDF

General Design

Poster Presentation

Presentation Design

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